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The Bath House

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The Playful Flapper

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Sin City Eva Green poster

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The 1934 Edsel Ford Model 40 Speedster

One of Bob Gregorie's special projects for Edsel Ford was a stunning Ford V-8-powered, two-seat runabout. Airplane inspirations abounded in this sleek 1934 one-off

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The height of fashion

Beautiful girl with her bicycle in a 1960s summer

I have now added a character counter for the custom excerpt field to help journos gauge how much they have written for the post list preview, in the vane hope it might rein in their verbosity and encourage respect of magazine style by making the excerpts similar lengths. more >

Full steam ahead!

F1 racing meets steam trains in this fun animation

In this digital animation for 5D cinema, Formula 1 racing is mashed with vintage American steam trains in a silent movie style action-comdeymore >

1953 Dodge Zeder Storm Z-250

1953 Dodge Zeder Storm Z-250 by Bertone

Zeder Jr envisioned a dual purpose car with swappable bodies. His goal was to create a two seater race car wearing a light weight fiberglass body that could be given an aluminum coupe top by attached four rubber-bushed nuts. The mechanical components of the car included a Dodge HEMI V8 truck engine offering 260 horsepower and 330 ft-lbs of torquemore >

The 1953 Ferrari ARNO X1 hydroplane

The 1953 Ferrari ARNO X1 hydroplane

The Arno XI is a hydroplane inspired by Achille Castoldi in the early 1950s and built by Timossi Azzano’s Cantieri boatyard located on Lake Como. Castoldi wanted to establish a world water speed record so he persuaded then Ferrari racing drivers Alberto Ascari and Luigi Villoresi to influence Enzo Ferrari to supply him with a 4.5-litre, V12 Ferrari engine; the same engine that gave Ferrari his first Grand Prix victory with the Ferrari 375 F1 at Silverstone Circuit in 1951more >

jQuery includes test

Aggghhhh! – ok, that worked

This post is a test to see if my javascript include coding is working. I’ve placed in my child theme functions.php a call for my JS includes. You will see in this post that I have added a rollover image-swap behaviour using jQuery. The function is attached to a CSS image class which also drops the opacity change behaviour which is the default one for all image links.more >